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Sunday, August 21, 2011

If I Could, I’d Steal This Place, And Bring It Home With Me

Every once in awhile, a friend of mine will surprise me with a gem of an absolutely great restaurant.  And very infrequently, I get to experience a restaurant that breaks onto my list of truly great meals, well folks, the Federal has done just that.

This Italian-French restaurant really has everything; great service, a beautiful ambiance and tremendous tasting creative food. Luckily for me, I was fortunate enough to experience this great restaurant on two separate occasions this summer.

On the first visit, the experience of waiting at the bar for a table was really special, as a dizzying display of appetizer trays and pizza samples were brought out to the waiting bar guests, these scrumptious morsels had me wildly anticipating the great meal that laid ahead.

On my second visit, I was disappointed to find that the complimentary appetizers weren't being offered like last time. I’m assuming that it must be a Friday or weekend only thing, since my second visit was on a Tuesday evening. So for appetizers we ordered the bucket of balls, which are these amazing risotto balls with black truffle butter, these things are to die for.  We also ordered the Rhode Island calamari, which are fried calamari with spicy cherry peppers, tomatoes and what looked like a humus underneath – it was outstanding.

For the main course, I opted for the chefs pasta tasting on the first visit, it was a five course dinner that left me more than satisfied and had me experiencing fantastic flavors and combinations of pastas in ways that I had not before.

On my next visit I went with the “steak and cheese”, which was a choice between a ribeye steak or a filet mignon, I went for the bigger and more flavorful ribeye and then got greedy and added a rack of grilled-breaded shrimp on the side. I then found myself having trouble getting through the whole thing! But it was delicious!

Outstanding food, great service and on both of my visits, wonderful company! You all know who you are, and to each one of you I say thank you, you helped make the Federal a great food memory for me.


The Federal Restaurant & Bar
135 Cooper Street
Agawam, MA 01001
Phone: (413) 789-1267


Taste: 9.5
Experience: 9.5
Value: 9
Score: 9.5

Federal on Urbanspoon

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