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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lake County’s Best Tex-Mex

I’ve been a customer of Rudy’s Mexican grill in Grayslake for about 4 of the 6 years that they’ve been in business. And over that time, I’ve gotten to know owner Rudy Garza pretty well, in fact, over the last few months since I’ve been back in the Chicagoland area full time, I can even say that we’ve even become friends. So in effect, this review is not only long overdue, it’s also close and personal.

Rudy Garza, is allot like many of my other favorite restaurant owners. He’s a guy who’s a foodie at heart and who loves eating out, eating well and has high standards for what goes on a plate. I think it’s that love of food that guides him into trying to make sure that his establishment is always serving the best food they can. And although it’s not uncommon to hear Rudy joke with his customers about how he “buys everything frozen from Jewel, and just microwaves it in the back”, the fact is, all the food at Rudy’s is made fresh from scratch. So there are no shortcuts, and you can taste the quality.

A few weekends ago I was the guest BBQ “chef” at Rudy’s, and after spending the better part of two full days at the restaurant, I left with this thought; What most impresses me most about Rudy Garza is that he listens to his customers; if someone says something is really good elsewhere, or that he needs to be better, Rudy will check it out. I’ve watched him try hard to keep and win new business and to continually work to improve what he offers. I think it says a lot about him and the type of food he’s serving.

All the food here is really good, and it’s clearly what has earned my long time patronage. I love how the chips are made from fresh cut tortillas and are hand fried daily, which perfectly compliment the house made salsa with that great chile arbol bang.

When it comes to Mexican restaurants, I’m a big proponent of watching how the meat is cooked. Rudy’s char grills their steak meat for the tacos and burritos. In fact, he’s one of the only places in Lake County to do so, which is what gives his steak meat such a great caramelized flavor as a result.

Since Rudy’s a Texan/Chicagoan, you can see the influences of both regions reflected in the menu. Some of my favorite menu items include the fajitas, the enchiladas with a homemade velvety smooth mole sauce and the chile relleno’s.  Recently, I discovered the Rudy Tostada, which comes on a handmade tostada shell and is simply an amazing and unique tostada.  Oh, and whatever you do, don’t miss the flan, it’s off the charts great!

The staff is always friendly and impressively attractive. And as if to almost compliment the staff the restaurant & bar itself recently underwent some remodeling, which has really livened it up and made for a really comfortable and enjoyable eating experience.

Rudy’s Mexican Grill
55 Barron Blvd.
Grayslake, IL
(847) 223-6176

Taste: 9
Experience: 9
Value: 9
Score: 9

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  1. been there once, Rudy and staff were very friendly. Food was good, just a bit different (not in a bad way) from the normal mexican food that I order (El Norte). Do plan on heading back some day. Wife and mother-in-law enjoyed it also.