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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Favorite Childhood Mammary

As a kid growing up in Skokie during 70’s, my mom & dad used to shop nearby at Jerry’s Produce just down the street from Booby’s. And on many occasions we would go to Booby’s for lunch or dinner after shopping. It gave the car rides there some sort of special meaning when you could chant “Booby’s” all the way there without having any serious repercussions to worry about. 

This week I was in Niles for business and decided to hit the old standby. So after chanting “I’m going to Booby’s, Booby’s, Booby’s”  on the way there, and then eating yet another great meal, I came to the conclusion that there’s much more to this place than just a catchy name.

Since the 60’s not much has changed, well other than the fact that it’s in a completely different building on the same lot. The original Booby’s building was actually lost to fire a few years back. But what I mean by unchanged; is that the people behind the counter, the quality and the menu haven’t changed one bit in all that time, it’s still the same great food that it’s always been.

The name play on the menu is there, but its minimal, so be dignified and place your order with a straight face. The Big C and the Big Boob are some of the best charbroiled burgers around, I love the Big C, it’s one of my picks for my top 5 burgers anywhere.

Booby’s is one of the few places left that you can still get that Northshore classic sandwich; the “char grilled salami”.  The Char Salami is truly a one of a kind sandwich, made with thick slices of all beef kosher salami, that are char grilled until the edges of the salami are caramelized lightly curled, then its served with melted cheese on a fresh Turano roll.

They are also known for a few other menu items such as the steak sandwich, which is a standout, the tremendous Greek chicken, and the Gyro’s. The Polish (called a Fat Boob) is also very good.

But as good as everything is here, it’s that char salami sandwich that keeps me going back, but really, all the menu items here are strong and delicious. Overall Booby’s is a top notch place to eat at a very reasonable price. Plus you get to chant “I love Booby’s” and there isn't anything wrong with that.

Booby's Charcoal Rib 
8161 North Milwaukee Avenue
Niles, IL 60714-2828
(847) 966-4733

Taste: 9
Experience: 9
Value: 9
Score: 9


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