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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tommy's Pizza - Providence, RI

I recently went for dinner at Tommy’s Pizza on Chalkstone Ave in Providence.
My visit was  based on the strong recommendation of a local Providence guy that I recently met. In what I can only describe as an Pacino sounding voice and accent, he told me to “take it from me, a life long Italian who grew up on Federal Hill, this is by far, my favorite pizza in Providence.”  He also stated that Tommy’s is a perfect example of Rhode Island’s traditional pizza style; meaning that it’s cooked in a low rise pan with a light buttery oil for a perfectly fried crust texture. In other words, it’s like Caserta’s, but done right.
The pizza was good, or at least as good as it gets for this style of pizza. I guess I’m just not a huge fan of the style overall, especially since I’ve tried quite a few of these Rhode Island style pizzerias and have been mostly unimpressed with the style overall.

That said, my advice is simply this; if you like Rhode Island traditional style pizza, then Tommy’s is about as good, or better than anyone else’s that I’ve tasted around town. The value is tremendous, and the restaurant was busy with locals who were obviously loyal longtime fans. The service was friendly and the quality of the food was good.
Taste: 7
Experience: 7
Value: 9
SCORE: 7.5
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