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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Philly’s Colonel Of Shrimp

If you follow my blog much, then you’ve probably figured out that I love good fried shrimp! Sid Booker’s is a no frills shrimp shack, actually, it’s just carry out window located at the corner of Broad & Belfield in North Philly.

Since I’m from Chicago, this place really reminded me of one the dozens of shrimp shacks that we have all over my city, and many are in neighborhoods exactly like this. So the sight of a bullet proof glass carry out window didn’t even phase me. I only say this because in reading some of the other online reviews, I saw that this area seemed to make a few of those reviewers a bit nervous, and one or two even made a big deal about it.

Honestly, I didn't see why. Sid’s sits on a well lit busy corner at a major interchange, that’s why it even caught my eye. The service was friendly and fast, and the other folks that were briefly waiting in line for their food with me, all seemed like decent folks too. But most importantly, the food is genuinely good.

I liked the bright menu board above the order window that had a small picture of the Colonel of Shrimp, Sid Booker. He was stuffed into the lower half of a shrimp body and holding a jumbo fried shrimp in each hand. Strange thoughts of Neptune's children entered my brain after seeing that!

Ordering is simple; 1/2 or 1 dozen jumbo fried shrimp, and then pick from three side options: crinkle cut fries, Cole slaw, or macaroni salad.

The shrimps are outstanding, allot like the Chicago places that I love. These monstrous center split golden brown breaded jumbo gulf shrimp are everything a great fried shrimp should be.  Yep, Sid Booker’s is the kind of place I’ll be craving again real soon.


Sid Bookers Shrimp Corner
4600 North Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19140-1218
(215) 329-4455


Taste: 9
Experience: 6
Value: 7
Score: 8

Sid Bookers Shrimp Corner on Urbanspoon

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