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Friday, October 29, 2010

Lone Star Meets Star of David

If there ever was a place that could come close to confluence of flavors that were in the kitchen of my childhood, Honey’s Sit‘n Eat would be it.

According to our waiter, the owners at Honey’s Sit‘n Eat are a Jewish/Tex-Mex couple, much like my own San Antonio born Spanish mother and Jewish father. As I know all too well, this uncommon combination makes for a wild and fun collision of food and flavors when brought together. As a result; Honey’s Sit‘n Eat has created a great menu that runs the full gambit from Frito Pies to Matzo Ball soup.

I guess my predisposition for the menu listings dominated by these cultures had me licking my lips from the moment I saw the challah bread sandwiches and chicken fried steak on the menu, and as well as the specials on the chalkboard in back. Seeing all my favorite dishes listed, I started to feel like I was in my comfort zone, and as my eyes swept across the other tables, it all looked so good too! Oh what to choose? Dilemma's to contend with ensued.

I finally settled on going straight Tex-Mex this go around; opting for the Frito pie and southern fried chicken with a side of rice and beans. My dining companion went for the chicken fried steak and onion rings.

The appetizer Frito pie was delicious. I’ve had many of Frito pies in Texas, New Mexico as well as at home, and this one was dead on with any of those, with nice layers of flavor throughout.

Somehow my chicken came accompanied by a vegetable risotto that I didn’t order, but it looked interesting, so I didn’t send it back.  But by the end of my meal, I’d wished that I had since the dish just didn’t work with the chicken and Fritos.

The southern fried chicken was really a half a chicken, a pretty big order for one, guess it was Texas sized!  Although I liked the meaty pieces and the consistency of the fried batter breading, I also felt that the cumin in the batter was a bit overpowering, and by the end of the 2nd piece I was done.

The chicken fried steak was tremendous! The sawmill gravy was thick, tasty and with just the right Tex-Mex/Southern taste. The onion rings were also a winner.

Although my time in Philly is limited and return visits to many of the fine eating establishments will be rare, I have a feeling that there will be a return trip to Honey’s Sit‘n Eat in my future.

Taste: 7.5
Experience: 7
Value: 8
Score: 7.5

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