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Friday, September 10, 2010

Diner Style Local Chain Does Philly Proud

Nifty Fifty’s is one of those places that even if there was just one location (there are about five), I’d probably drive crosstown just to eat there. Honestly, I was impressed enough that I’ll probably seek out a few of the other locations in my driving around and discovering of the city over the next few months.

Nifty Fifty’s was started in the mid 80’s, but it doesn’t look or feel like anything that new.  This place has the feel of a classic dinner from the 50’s or 60’s, that’s a good thing.

I loved the fact that everything was handmade; the burgers were hand packed, the onion rings appeared to be hand battered and the French fries were fresh cut. According to the menu, even the ice creams and mix extract ingredients used for the shakes and sodas are made exclusively for Nifty Fifty’s or by them.

The milkshake was one of the thickest that I’ve ever experienced anywhere, it was truly amazing and off the charts delicious. Same goes for that cheeseburger which was perfectly griddle cooked with a nice crispy exterior on the loosely hand formed beef patty, which keeps it juicy and flavorful. The house chili was alright, not the strongest item from the menu that I experienced, but not bad either.

Diner food is best when it’s simple and uncomplicated, and Nifty Fifty’s keeps it simple and fresh, always a winning combination in my book.

This is one place I’ll definitely be going back to; and I can’t wait to explore the multitude of amazing shake combinations, maybe I’ll even give one of those dozens of amazing soda fountain drinks a try too.

Taste: 9
Experience: 9
Value: 8
Score: 8.7

Nifty Fiftys
1900 Macdade Blvd
Folsom, PA 19033

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  1. I agree about the classic diner look being a good thing. The atmosphere it creates is just so laid back, I could read the paper over a cup of coffee all morning in one.