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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grilled Cheese Paradise

The Pop Shop – Collingswood, NJ

I’m falling way behind on my blogging these days, I’ll keep this one quick & simple.

Last week I went to the adorable town of Collingswood, NJ for lunch and partook of the place known as the Pop Shop.  It’s a retro style diner that specializes in about 20+ grilled cheese sandwiches as well as your typical diner fare. In other words, things you would expect to find on a diner menu such as breakfast, burgers, hot dogs, shakes etc..

The food was good and in generous portions, the service cute and friendly and very helpful.

I had a tough time deciding between getting a burger or one of dizzying long list of specialty grilled cheese sandwiches. My brilliant waiter suggested that I do both by getting an order of the appetizer sliders and a sandwich; problem solved!!

I also ordered a classic chocolate milkshake that really hit the spot.

It’s definitely a kids and soccer mom kind of place during the daytime lunch hour.  Dozens of kids and parents made for a lively, almost deafening eating experience, if your one of those grumpy people who doesn't like kids and noise, you might want to stay away from here altogether!

The grilled cheese I had was good, but maybe it was a bit over the top from me, since I got the one loaded with applewood bacon. By about the halfway point of eating it, I really wanted to cry ‘uncle!”.  The hand cut french fries were crispy, salted with large pretzel salt granules, and the sliders were tasty.

All in all, I had a nice visit and I may even have to repeat with another visit during my long stay in the Philadelphia area for another lunch, the expansive menu had a few other gems (and many other grilled cheese combinations) that I’d like to give a try.


Taste: 7
Experience: 8
Value: 7
Score: 7.25


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