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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Luigi’s – Kenosha, WI

I have a saying about Kenosha: If you throw a rock in any direction, you’ll probably hit a good pizza joint. And in a town loaded with so many good pizzerias, Luigi’s is the best of the bunch.
On my last visit, the family and I went overboard ordering up everything we even remotely desired, and the beautiful part about it was that not only was the food great and in large quantities, it didn't murder my wallet either.

For dinner we ordered pizza, a fried chicken dinner platter and the found only in Kenosha: Beef Bomber.
While we waited for our order, a huge basket of crackers, breadsticks and bread were brought out to our table. I love getting any kind of bread in Kenosha since so many places buy it from the local hearth bakeries in the area, its always golden, crusty and flaky on the outside with a soft moist porous inside. I have no idea where Luigi’s is getting theirs or if they bake their own, but its good.

The salad and soup included with our dinners arrived next, of the two soups listed as the special of the day; I had opted for the chicken, while my wife had opted for the minestrone. Both of the homemade soups were hearty and delicious, with broth to solids ratio’s that meant every spoonful was solid and full of flavor, crackers were provided, but completely unnecessary, the soup was plenty thick on its own.

Around the last few spoonful's of soup and pieces bread, the main entrées began to show up.

Luigi’s pizza is tavern style, meaning its a cracker crust ultra thin pizza with delicious ingredient toppings. Its the stuff of the Midwest’s Great Lakes region, a place where what is considered “thin crust” to the rest of the world, is still way too thick to us, I’m talking cracker crust thin.  Crust’s that are so thin they are almost transparent, in other words; paper thin baby!

The bomber was huge; layers of tender slow roasted thick cut Italian roast beef piled on a fresh lightly toasted roll and melted Wisconsin mozzarella cheese.

Bombers, are not like Chicago Italian beefs; where gravy and subtle hints of spice and gardinaire are the primary focus. Bombers have a more home style quality to them, and don’t have the fast food vibe of its more famous Chicago Italian beef cousin. Instead a Kenosha beef bomber is a like being served a big Italian mans portion of roast beef, beef that was lovingly made by his mother, and the Luigi beef bomber is the best I’ve tasted anywhere.

The fried chicken is broasted fresh to order with some of the best tasting breading I’ve experienced on broasted chicken anywhere, with a great seasoning/spice to it. The order includes broasted potato wedges, which are whole russet potatoes cut into 1/4 wedges. They broast them with the same batter as the chicken, resulting in a tender fluffy potato wedge with a nice spice finish.

Luigi’s is my favorite Italian restaurant in Kenosha, they also happen to be my favorite fried chicken, beef bomber and homemade spaghetti place in Kenosha too. But the real highlight of Luigi’s is the pizza. So if your in the mood for a family style, old school red sauce Italian-American place, the kind you and the family would go out to as a kid, then this throwback to good hearty soulful Italian will undoubtedly hit the spot.


Taste = 9.5
Experience = 9
Value = 9
Score = 9.3

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  1. Awesome food! Nothing more needs to be said :)

    1. Great review and i agree almost 100% except here in Kenosh Luigis is considered a medium crust.. Love your blog!