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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Birthday weekend..

Its become a Fleisher Family tradition that we eat our way though every birthday for an entire weekend and try to enjoy something very special or hit our favorites for each persons birthday.

Well my birthday this past weekend was no exception, in fact it was like the Berenstain Bears book: Too Much Birthday!

It all started on Friday for lunch; Franks for Memories in Mundelein for Buffalo Wings, followed by a trip into the city for a full on feeding frenzy. First came Giggios (NY Style) Pizza in Evanston; The Fish Keg on Howard for fried shrimp; Chengs on Bryn Mawr for fried chicken and pork fried rice; Wing Hoe on Sheridan for egg rolls; and finally Fiesta Mexicana for Tacos (carnitas, barbacoa & steak).

On Saturday we hit the road again starting out at 11 and had lunch at Smoque, followed by dinner at Manny's Coffee Shop & Deli, plus we took home a breaded steak sandwich and a deep dish pizza for Sunday's dinner from Ricobene's.

Whew!! What a great weekend and now we must digest...

Honey1 BBQ ..and let me tell you few more things!


swsideJim, I love you man, and if it was anyone else I might be throwing some verbal rocks, so maybe I owe myself a trip back to H1? Thing is, I just can’t get past the fact that they really screwed up my dinner in such a M-A-J-O-R way last time I was there, and I just don’t forgive easily when it comes to food. I mean I’ve had better Q served up as reheated Carson’s it was so bad…

Seriously, Honey1 really put some inferior shit on my plate: I’m talking about 3 full racks of ribs whose meat was so charred beyond recognition and devoid of moisture that they should have come in a Pemmican jerky bag! And if that’s the best they’ve got, then this place isn’t worthy of being in business. You know the more I think about it, I really have to say, who the hell am I kidding? I really feel like this: Screw em’, they aren’t worthy of another $30 donation just to be sure they do or don’t suck, great places would NEVER put garbage like that on a plate and still sell it, they totally blew it!

Anyway, let me get on to another local smoke shack; Smoque. I finally made it over there for lunch this past weekend (on Saturday) and my verdict it’s good, not great, not authentic, just good! That being said IMO, it's one the better ones I've had in the Chicago area, but then again, nothing that doesn’t come out of my smoker in Chicago is even close to being in a league with even most of the average Texas Q joint's. And you can all hate me for saying it, I really don’t care.

Back to the review: we were a good sized party of 6, so we decided to order ala carte and sample some of the main items on the menu; 1 order of sliced brisket, 1 rack of babyback ribs & 1 rack of St Louis (spare) ribs, along with 4 sides and a small salad, the bill totaled out to a whopping $75 bucks!! And that was with us drinking only water and did not include tip!! The meat; the ribs were decent, I did slightly prefer the baby backs over the spares, but both were good. The sliced brisket was also good, but slightly overdone, almost to the point of being mushy from being kept in the holder for too long.

Now I know they use only one spice rub for everything and it does seem to give repetitive notes across the board to all the meats, but overall the meat was decent. The sides; the cole slaw was fresh shredded and had huge pieces of cabbage in it, it was OK. The beans were interesting with hunks of brisket meat in there but they were WAAAY too damn sweet, guys: back off the sugar man!! I’m diabetic and those things should have a warning label! The Fries were fresh cut, which was a nice touch. The salad, well it was a salad! The small is big enough to feed two by the way. Overall not bad, but given the choice of driving 45 miles down from Gurnee to eat here vs. firing up my smoker, I’ll do the cooking.

Couple more reviews:

Thirsty Turtle Bar & BBQ – Antioch:
We went for the Door County boil & fish fry, since it was lent. The fry was tasty, the shrimp outstanding, and the BBQ ribs were very passable! I'm now curious about the rest of the BBQ offerings; brisket & pulled pork are on the menu and I’m thinking about even taking a 2nd swag at those ribs.

Smokin' T's BBQ- Lake Zurich;
Absolute crap! I’d go into detail, but suffice it to say that my dining companion and I threw out more than we ate.

abf005 Apr 01, 2008 02:15PM