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Friday, December 19, 2008

Roscoe's - Long Beach, CA

OK, I'll admit it, I hate Southern California.

My WHOLE extended family lives out there. Grandmother, parents, sister, aunts, cousins etc, yep, pretty much the whole Fleisher clan resides in SoCal. So I get to come out here allot, and I SEE things… Things that the common tourist might not notice, or even possibly dismiss as just an illusion, perhaps brought on by too much beach and sun. But me, I know better! It's crazy out there, and only a masochist would really want to live there, which is why my family loves it there, because their all crazy!

I don't give a damn about the great weather, the traffic sucks, it's dirty, dusty and polluted, most of the people are freaked out and weird, its ridiculously expensive, and the I loathe palm trees; easily the most useless tree on God's green earth, offering little to no shade in a land with year round sun, go figure!! This place makes no damn sense to me; it never has, and probably never will.

But the real reason I hate SoCal so much; is that the food really S-U-C-K-S. And I mean it sucks big time. For every 10 places that I’ve ate at, only one might have risen to the level of being called fair or good, that’s not good! Especially when I measure a cities worth based on a plate of food.

So this December, I get sent out here for business, and being a return visitor, naturally I’m desensitized to all the locals with their usual Cali chitter-chatter and hype which usually goes something like this:

Cali: yeah, so what it’s like -10 and snowing at your house while it’s 60 and drizzling rain here?
Me: Uh huh, so what, my flight got canceled, happy?
Cali: You know, all the stars eat there or shop there.
Me: Yeah, so what, I don’t see any of them now.
Cali: You know, that house is a like a million bucks and yet the ghetto is only a mile away from the shoreline…
Me: Hey, all I wanna know is this, what’s there to eat??

I can always see the fear in everyone’s eyes with that reply. My family all know Burt isn’t gonna go for the usual Cali crap, and they also know that no chain will do either!

In fact, my sister stressed over this very question the whole week I was in town! (Sorry sis, you delivered on some good pizza & killer Mediterranean food!) But you stressed every day and you know it.

So, what is my point here? Where is the post going? And what’s all this negativity got to do with Roscoe’s??? I’ll tell you.

In 30 years of me trekking down to SoCal and systemically striking out restaurant after restaurant, NO ONE had ever taken me to Roscoe’s! And get this, my folks lived less than 3 miles away in Long Beach for at least 10 of those years!!

The point is this; Roscoe’s may be one the best restaurants I’ve dined at in SoCal. Its unique, serving home cooked Southern comfort food. The place has a old time diner feel to it, been there for years. The service is quick and snappy, the menu simple and straightforward. Its food for the soul.

The waffles were great, I mean I was stuffed, and yet I still found myself eating one more bite. And the fried chicken was off the hook! I messed up ordering and got the gravy on top, now don’t get me wrong, the gravy was good, but that chicken didn’t need it; it stands on its own. I also had an order of red beans & rice, I couldn't move for hours afterwards. Arguably the best meal in SoCal ever.

Which was fine with me, because afterwards, I was stuck in two hours of traffic getting back up to the valley where my sister lives… ahh California.

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  1. its funny, i'm sitting in my hotel room in philly reading about you cheeseteak quest then i come across this. I live in socal, just recently relocated for work, and i have never eaten at roscoes.

    I am going to have to seek one out. Well, the next time you are in so cal let me give you a recommendation
    "Cha Cha Chicken" in Venice. Some of the best dirty rice and jerk chicken , and i've been to jamaica. make sure to order the fried plantains.

    if you are ever in the valley again, let me know i'll make sure you find something good to eat.

  2. Having practiced in Long Beach for many years I have to say that the food choices are good, your post helps people find good food, thanks for your efforts.