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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Pinks - Hollywood, CA

PINKS! Yep, I finally did it… World famous Pink’s, hot dog stand to the stars.

This place is famous; probably one of the most reviewed and talked about hot dog stands in all of America. There hasn’t been a show about hot dogs that doesn’t feature Pinks; its legend is almost equal to that of Nathans in Coney Island! The walls are lined with autographed head shots of every Hollywood celebrity that's dined there for the past 69 years that this stand has been in existence.

But after eating there I couldn't help but wonder if maybe the celeb's are being fed something different than what I experienced on this cool December night. Because in this experienced hot dog lover’s opinion, I doubt this place could make it at a Chicago area Sam's club serving up this crap. And let me tell you, those are some low expectation hot dog eating customers over there!!

Seriously, I don't get it, even at 9 PM I ended up waiting 30-40 minutes in line, no scratch that – in a QUE line, yes there really was a rope!!

The food was horrific. Frozen fries, dark greasy, greasy chili, and an all beef hot dog that tastes as bland as a turkey- pork wiener. The NY hot dog is bad, I’m sure a New Yorker or two has puked over this thing, and the freaking Chicago polish hot dog… dressed with mustard, relish, onions, tomatoes & LETTUCE!!! Oh, the sacrilegious sight of that alone, almost made me wanna go nuts like Capone on Valentine’s Day!!

I mean c’mon, hadn’t any of these Hollywood creampuffs at least scouted the Chicago movie set?? Where the hell is Dennis Farina, John Cusak or Bill Murray to set these guys straight?
Everyone knows that a Chicago Polish or, Maxwell St. Polish as we know it has no frigging relish, tomatoes and no damn lettuce!! In fact, no one in their right mind puts lettuce on any Chicago dog! Well except for that idiot at the Genesee Inn in Waukegan… I’ll bet he worked at Pinks!! Hey, now I DO get it!

In the end, it was a something that dominated me, and was determined to stay with me for hours and hours afterwards... literally. Nope, I’ll never go back, and I bet that the next time I see it on TV I’ll probably experience a little gag reflex too.

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