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Friday, June 29, 2007

TOPOLOBAMPO - Just alright, not GREAT!

This past week, I finally had my chance to experience this highly rated restaurant and to say I was disappointed would be a soft and polite way of stating how I truly felt.

The good;
* Great staff and service, they were knowable about the dishes and preparations and were relatively attentive to me with no issues, but at these prices they better be! There were long gaps in my waiters visits, but as a "party of one" that almost always seems to be the case no matter where I go.
* The ambiance and decor were very cool; but who really gives a crap? I'm there for the food!* Everything was plated beautifully.

The bad;
* Very limited wines by the glass list, I'm a single diner and quite frankly, I cant put away a whole bottle of wine by myself and I refuse to throw away a half bottle - that's alcohol abuse!

The ugly;
* The Portions are scant, and very small, for those prices I should have seen a bit more. I left hungry.
* The food was mild and bland, with the flavors being very muted, while lacking the vibrant spirit of true Latin cuisine. And for a place that is supposedly so renowned as being "authentic" Mexican this was hard to forgive.
* There were bizarre bits of "American" influence and ingredients in everything, from the slice of radish in my Guacamole, to the strange cornmeal chips that break clean and have no darn taste as if they are lightly sprayed with PAM and baked, not fried.

In summary;
This is my second Bayless restaurant experience and there wont be a third, it's all "style over substance" and lacks the true feel of a satisfying meal at a top notch restaurant. I left feeling like it was just to "white" of an experience for me. With bookcases full of DVD's, cookbooks and teeshirts, I felt like I was a tourist at the Rock and Roll McDonald's. If Taco Bell were to ever open a sit down establishment, especially in this neighborhood it would run be run by Bayless.

abf005 Jun 29, 2007 05:25PM